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What are the major differences between WordPress Premium vs Free Theme? Let's Find out in this article where we explored all the Pros and Cons of a Free WordPress theme and Paid WordPress Theme.

If you are a Complete Beginner in WordPress and looking for how to start a blog? The first doubt that will come to your mind is either to use WordPress premium themes or free WordPress themes for your blog.

I know this one question is much more frustrating as a beginner level. When i started my career in Blogging without any mentor i’ve started with a free WordPress theme by assuming why to pay for a thing which is already free.

Later I realized my mistake and got to know the basic difference between WordPress premium vs free theme and then I understood why it’s important for a blogger to go with the best premium wordpress themes to start their career in blogging.

Few of the Major Differences which i observed  between WordPress premium vs free theme are:

Landing Pages for WordPress

Customization Issue

The Major difference between WordPress premium vs free Theme are their customization options, You’ll get a lot of customization options in paid theme which are missing in Free themes.

It doesn’t mean in free them you can’t create a better website, my only point is when you go with a Paid theme they offer a lot of customization options.

Added to the above point Premium themes are well-coded in compression of free wordpress themes as they have to fix all the bugs which discomfort the users. 

SEO optimization

WordPress Premium theme helps you to optimize your SEO score as they’re well coded and bugs free. A Premium WordPress theme helps you to boost your website speed which won’t only help to improve your SEO score but also makes your website user friendly.

GeneratePress is one of the best WordPress Premium themes which I highly recommend you to go with, You may also check complete GeneratePress review before making your decision.

Supports and Updates

WordPress is continuously upgrading and changing their technology  you may also observe almost every month that WordPress will come up with major changes in their technology.

Your Themes and plugins are one of the Important parts of your blog and they need to be compatible with the latest version of  WordPress. 

Furthermore all wordpress premium themes offers free support which you never expect with free themes.

WordPress premium vs free Conclusion:

If you are a beginner and don’t have $49 to invest on WordPress premium themes then you definitely go with a free version of WordPress themes.

ASTRA theme is one of the best Free WordPress themes which i recommend.

But once your blog starts performing, I’d highly  recommend switching over to a paid theme, it won’t only give your website a descent look but also helps you to optimize your website SEO friendly.

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