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SEMrush vs KwFinder which one is best? Are you looking for the best keyword research tool in 2020 and getting confused between SEMrush and KwFinder?

Today in our article we’ll review two of the trending Keyword research tools which are extremely popular among bloggers.

These Tools are SEMrush and KwFinder

In this article, We’ll cover what they tools are all about, we also talk about how these tools help you to compete among your competitors in such a cutthroat competition.

Finally, how to use these keyword research tool to improve your SEO Quality, We’ve included there Pros and cons so, you won’t get confused.

I hope after reading this whole article you’ll be able to get a clear picture that which tool you have to go with and which tool will help you to promote your blog or website. 

So without any further delay let’s begin.

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SEMrush Review

So, before we go inside their uses and features first let me help you with a short description of what is SEMrush?  

SEMrush is one of the most effective and popular all-in-one search engine optimization tools which helps you to analyze your competitor in many ways which we talk about later in this article.

SEMrush combines a lot of tools which not only help you to improve with a highly targeted keyword but also help you to improve keyword implementation, SEO, Content marketing,

Backlinks, SERP added to that it also helps to improve Social media, PPD, Ads campaign, and much more.

SEMrush vs KwFinder

SEMrush Features

Now after a small SEMrush review our next and most asked question will arise and that’s how SEMrush helps us in seo competitive analysis? Let me answer it in a few points.

1. It helps to Optimize your On-Page SEO:

SEMrush has an option named Organic ranking, only you need to put your competitor Subdomain (Which doesn’t have to include any www or https://)

Those are ranking on your niche and simply click on Organic research. It’ll pull all the thorough keyword on which your competitor is ranking

Not only that you’ll be able to see that particular keyword search volume along with the position it is ranking on.

2. Keyword Research:

Most of you know SEMrush as a Keyword research tool but trust me it’s more than that, Next Most important feature of this tool is keyword research.

How does it work? Simple, choose any of the keywords which you want and put it into the search bar

SEMrush will give you all of the detailed information of those keywords, what is the search volume, competition on that keyword, which sites are now ranking on that keyword with there ranking

Added to that you’ll get options of keyword suggestion where SEMrush will help you with a few more relevant keywords that you may target. 

3. Competitor Insights:

If you have to grow in your business then you must have to know about your competitor and there hidden secret and this option exactly does the same.

SEMrush gives a third eye where you can keep it on your competitors to spy their growth hike. The trick is simple, if you are in the market then you surely know your competitors

Simply you have to put the URL in the SEMrush tool and it’ll help you find out the keyword on which that website is ranking. What seriously? The answer is YES.



If you talking about SEMrush Pros then there are plenty of pros who are there to use this tool but i’ll explain few of them in this article.

1. SEMrush has a lot of keyword databases which they receive from all of the countries in the world. They have almost 100M+ of keywords available in there database. You can imagine the power of this tool now.

2. Plenty of information: This tool will help you to find your competitors success mantra because of their huge database they’re having.

Some of the  examples are  what the top keyword your user are ranking with from where they are getting backlinks and lot more.

3. SEMrush offers a 7 day free trial, so you can easily register and use the tool first before paying a single penny and in case you don’t like their service you can easily withdrawal there subscriptions.


SEMrush is only one cons which i feel as a beginner when hardly i am earning few bugs that its Pricing.So, as a beginner it’s very tough  to invest your hard earnings.

Moreover you must remember one single thing if you seriously want to grow in this market you must have to run on the same road where your competitors are running.

Always think these payments are your investment which will help you later to get more in returns.

SEMrush vs KwFinder Price

KwFinder Review

Now in this section we’ll talk about KwFinder. what is KwFinder?  

KwFinder is another effective and most popular tool which helps you to analyze the keywords in many ways,KwFinder is one of the emerging keyword analysis tools in 2020.

As the tool has Millions of databases it’ll help you to find unlimited money making keyword ideas for your business.

Let’s see there other interesting features.

SEMrush vs KwFinder

KwFinder Features

Now after a small KwFinder Introduction its time to review this tool.I’ll try to cover its features thereafter there pros and cons. Let’s start.

1. KwFinder helps to find quality Keywords:

Keyword research is one of the first practices every blogger or affiliate marketers are doing before starting writing any blog post.

See, one thing you must need to understand keyword research isn’t rocket science but the reality is nowadays the competition is so much high you must need trusted tools to match with your competitor.

KwFinder will do the same thing for you, you only have to put your competitor URL and it’ll pull all there top ranking keywords for you.

2. Local Keyword Research:

KwFinder will give you an option where you can check location- specific keywords. Let me explain it a little bit more so this term means in case you are targeting for a specific location eg India.

So, you can check the search volume of that specific keyword in India with there search difficulty added to that you can also modify it further by language.

3. Competitor Insights:

KwFinder will also help you check the DA (Domain Authority) And PA (page Authority) for a keyword which is pulled by MOZ database.

KwFinder will also give you a complete idea of PPC (page per click) and CPC (Cost per Click) for a specific keyword which helps you at the time of advertisement and helps you to tackle your competitor.


1. As a user at first we always care about the ease of use and KwFinder tool did the same,It’s simple and easy to use tool.

2. The pinpoint of all the newbie bloggers is the price of a tool and in this term KwFinder did a tremendous job.So, in  comparison to other keyword research tools which are available in market KwFinder fits easy in the budget.

3. It helps you to find profitable long trail keywords in quick time. 

4. KwFinder will help you to find the DA and PA for each keyword you search along with competitive facebook likes and backlinks.


With KwFinder only a few things i didn’t like that much are there customer support.

Second for a newbie and it’s one of the best tools to use but if your competitors are the gents in there field then i personally advise you to go with SEMrush which helps to scale up your business.

SEMrush vs KwFinder Price

You may also check out my articles on How to start a blog in 2020 where i have briefly explained the hidden secrets  to rank your blog with few small changes.

I hope i’ve answered most of your questions. You can Find few common question answers asked by the bloggers.

Q. What is the best keyword research tool between SEMrush and KwFinder?

A. SEMrush is one of the best tools i have ever used but if you are a beginner and not have much money i preferred to go with KwFinder.

Q. How can I spy on my competitors?

A. You can use SEMrush or KwFinder to track there high traffic keywords and then create your content around them.

Q. Is SEMrush free?

A. Not completely but yes it has 7 days trail where you can use the tool.

If case you need any help please feel free to write to me,I’m always here to help you all. If you like this article then show you love by sharing this post with your loving ones.

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