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Either you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer, surely all of you are familiar with the term keyword. Now Why is the keyword term enormously important in digital marketing? 

The Answer is Keyword is one of the major factors to scale up your blogging career. Proper Keyword research will increase your blog traffic consistently.

If you want to grow in blogging filed then the first thing you need to learn keyword research, keyword research is one of the key factors which helps you to grow your business. 

Most of the new bloggers are getting a lot of issues to figure out the right keyword for their business but nowadays we have a lot of Keyword free and paid tools available to optimize a perfect keyword.

keyword research

In this article, we’ll talk about the main purpose of keyword research and why a keyword is extremely crucial to developing your online marketing business. We’ll talk about a few important points in this article.

1. Keyword research?
2. Why Keyword research is important?
3. Analysis of a perfect keyword?
4. Free and Paid tools for keyword research.

What is Keyword research ?

Keyword research is a focused word which a user search on search engine (Google, bing, yahoo… etc)  to find his query. In simple word keyword research is a process that helps your website to achieve more traffic.

The whole process is as once any user searches for his query or interest in search engine it’ll identify for the relevant results, how relevant your keyword is to the user search or query that will be most chance search engine show your website to the user.

Nowhere is the role of your focused keyword plays an important role, so your keyword will help the search engine to identify your website relevancy over a lot of other websites available on the Web.

We’ll try to understand it with an example: 

Keyword research

As per the above screenshot, you can easily understand what a keyword is all about. Let me explain it a little bit further, the Query which has mentioned in the google search engine is known as Keyword.

Below are the suggestions google will recommend as per the popular searched content on google it helps you to find your keyword which we learn later in this article.

Google has a database where they maintained all the logs searched by the users on Google and that’s the reason when we type few words of our query, google will try to show relevant and most searched keywords which we called related keywords.

If you want to drive more traffic on your website then it’s important to focus on On-page SEO which is noting but phrasing the right keyword for your article.

Now let’s see with an example, what is a keyword and how to target your keyword.


Keyword research

The above screen-short is of Ubbersuggest, which is earlier a free tool but now they are available with paid version however you may still use it with a limited option on a free basis.

As a beginner if you don’t want to invest money on keyword research tools then I highly suggest you go with Ubbersuggest, however, if you have few amounts to invest in keyword research tools then I personally recommended you to go with Semrush.

They have 7 days trial version and if you ok with the tool you may also go with the there paid version, They have a number of option which helps your website to rank on google in a quick time.

Let’s Back to our top as you can see the screen short it has some keyword ideas along with Volume, CPC, PD & SD. So, let’s explore each and everything separately.

1. Volume: Number of people searching for that Query or Keyword in a month.
2. CPC: Cost per click , which means when you run paid ads for your website how much that keyword cost you.
3. PD: Paid difficulty 
4. SD: Search difficulty , Which is an important term, SD helps you to understand how much competition to rank that specific keyword.As much as low SD that much low the competition. I suggest you go with a range of 30 to 35 SD as a beginner.

I hope we are now clear of our 1st segment of the query which is, What is keyword research? Let’s move to our 2nd segment, Why keyword research is important? 


Why keyword research is important ?

If you want to drive more traffic on your website then you need to focus on Keyword research, trust me guys if you figure out a perfect keyword half of your work done regarding On-Page SEO.

A keyword is only the thing which helps you to target your audience which I showed to you in our above section. Always pick your keyword based on your business which helps your business to grow because a perfect keyword will help you to drive more organically traffic to your website and help you to earn more money online. 

I know personally few people who are earning dollars of the dollar with a single focused keyword and trust me if they can do if I can do then definitely you also can do the same, Only you need to figure out a perfect keyword based on your business and the customer requirements.

3. Analysis of a perfect keyword?

Nowadays we have a lot of paid and free (with limited access) tools to analyze a perfect keyword

Let’s assume you have an Affiliate website where you are promoting a Smartphone, So as a user think if you are looking for a smartphone what you’ll search on the web, here 3 most important thing you have to focus on.

  1. Always think like a customer
  2. Which Product you are targeting
  3. Build sub-keywords that must have your focused keywords

So, we’ll start from point first, Always think like a customer: whichever product you are targeting you must have a clear image of your customer mindset, always think if you are looking for that product what will you search on the search engine to buy that product.

The second point, Which Product you are targeting: At this point, you have to figure out the product variety and the range. As per our above eg: if we want to sell a smartphone we need to figure out the product popularity as which smartphone is most popular among all, price ranges sub-products as smartphone headphones, cases & cover, etc.

The Third point Build sub-keywords that must have your focused keywords: this point is completely like the 2nd point, where we can target a specific keyword for eg: Best Smartphone we’ll take as the Main keyword and Best smartphone under 10,000 will be our sub-keyword.

A perfect keyword will help you to drive more organically traffic to your website and help you to earn more. 

Free Vs Paid keyword research tool

There are a lot of tools on a Paid basis and also on a free basis which you can use as per your requirements, We’ll talk about the top 3 Paid and Free tools which you can use for your keyword analysis.

Top 3 best Free Keyword research tool.

1. Google Keyword Planner (Free)

As all of us know, Google has huge data of all kinds of users and there’s nothing better than this free tool. You only need to create your account and add some amount to your account which you can use later for running your ads.

Keyword research

2. Answer the Public 

One of the best free tools to start keyword analysis as a beginner is Answer the Public, If you are at a beginner level then this tool is for you.

Answering the public tool will give you plenty of ideas and questions which help you to create your content around your keyword.

Keyword research

3. Ubersuggest

At last on our list of 3rd Free SEO tool is Ubersuggest, almost all who have a basic knowledge of  SEO are definitely familiar with Ubersuggest which was developed by Mr. Neil Patel.

Previously this tool was completely free but now they make it a paid basis however you can still use this tool on a free basis with limited search.

keyword search tool

Top 3 Paid Keyword research tool.

1. KW Finder

One of the best keyword research tools for those who are a beginner and haven’t earned much this tool will help you a lot. There Pricing is pocket friendly and performance is also double.

You can also go with its 10-day trial version where you can check all of its functions and if it goes well you can go with there pro plane.

2. SEMrush

One of my all-time favorite tools for keyword research. SEMrush is one of the best keyword research tools in the market nowadays.

You won’t only do keyword research but there are a lot of extra things you can do with this such as Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis, Site auditing, and many more. You can also check the SEMrush Review.


3. Ahrefs

On the list of Top 3 best Keyword research tools at 3rd, we have Ahrefs tool which is one of the most popular tools among digital marketer.

Most of the popular bloggers are using this tool for keyword research and yes this tool is awesome.Now, they are offering 7 Days of the trail for $7, so personally i recommend to go with SEMrush or KwFinder.


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