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Do you want to become your Own Boss?

I think almost all of you have the same answer and that’s “YES”, All of you want to become your own boss 

Where you can earn by working from your home or your own office or somewhere around the world. Yes, you all can achieve that. But here another question arises How?

So, In this article, we’ll talk about the same, As all of you are familiar with the power of the internet and online marketing, nowadays in 2021 especially in this Covid-19 situation.

The Online marketing business is highly scaling up and the market is getting immense and enormous every day.

The best option to earn money online is to start Blogging where you can easily earn $100 a day but wait, it’s not a single day job, it took me 2+year to achieve this milestone. 

Blogging is a good source of passive income where you can earn by working part-time after your Job hours at stating as well.

I still remember when I started my career in 2018 I was working for an MNC company where I had 9 Am to 6 Pm job and I have an Acer 2009 model laptop with that.

I was writing my blog post till 3 Am in morning and then again from 9 Am have to reach to the office for my job. So, believe me, you can definitely achieve this if you’re really passionate about it.

So, I created this Complete Article for all of you who are passionate about earning money online and My best wishes are with you all. 

So in this article, we’ll talk about how to start your first blog from scratch and that’s without any experience and programming language. 

Below are the Topics we will discuss in this article.

• Pick up the right Platform to start your first blog
• Choose your Niche.
• Picking a proper domain and Hosting 
• Installing WordPress for your Blogging 
• Designing your Website 
• Installing the Best Plugins for your website.
• How to Write your Blog post 
• Publishing  your first Content to the World
• Monetize your Website 

Note: I tried to make this article as easy as possible, so I highly recommended those options which are best for you as a beginner regarding Theme, Plugins, and Hosting.

Pickup the right Platform to start your first blog

To start your career as an Affiliate marketer or Blogger you have to choose the platform where you want to create your website. So, there are a lot of platforms from where you can start but WordPress is one of the most popular platforms among all to start your career.

Almost 37% of websites are now running on WordPress only and I also personally recommend WordPress for all of you, There are a lot of benefits to using WordPress but one of the best among all is its ease of access which helps you a lot as a beginner.

NOTE: you have to go with www.wordpress.com, not with www.wordpress.org 

Choose your Niche

Once you decide with the Platform next thing is to choose your Niche, Niche is nothing but the topic on which your blog or affiliate website will belongs to. 

Niche is extremely important which you should choose carefully, In 2021 you can’t earn by writing anything on your blog or promoting any product on your Affiliate website, 

You must have to concentrate on a single Topic. 

I’ve done the same mistake where I tried to focus on multiple topics when I’ve started my career with blogging, at that time no one was here to guide me and now I have that much idea about blogging or affiliate marketing, 

Don’t worry I’m here to help you all to not repeat the same mistake which I’ve done in my career. So, Please avoid to focus on multiple niches and try to focus on a single Niche.

Now Most of you have a common question that How to choose a product for your affiliate website or a topic for your Blog? 

Hmm, it’s a  million-dollar question but if you follow a few basic things then BANG ON, You’ll get the correct answer, so let me help you all with this.

I listed a few basic points which you can follow to choose your product to promote or start writing articles on that.

• Choose your niche for your blog or affiliate website in which you have some good knowledge, in which you can talk up to an hour. 

If you have command on your topic then you can easily connect with your customers.

• Always remember before choosing any Niche or topic ask yourself, are you interested in this topic? Can you write on that topic for a long time? 

Are you interested in gaining more knowledge about that topic by reading new things? If you get all 3 “YES” then yes you can go with that topic.

• I personally recommend all you to choose your top 3 subjects on which you think you can write and then take your laptop open a notepad or sticky notes and write at list 3 articles on each topic.

Read it after one day and choose only one among them which looks more attractive and useful content, once you get that just go with it.

Pickup up a proper Domain Name

You all have seen a name which is easy to remember and easy to pronounce and remembered by all of you, So, before choosing any domain remember 4 key point

1. Easy to remember 
2. Easy to pronounce 
3. Easy to spell
4. Not extremely lengthy 

Always Choose your domain name wisely and most of the time try to go with the domain which reflects your blog or domain subject. 

There are numbers of Domain service providers from where you may buy your domain for your website and it’ll cost almost $15 /year. 

However, I’ll share a few tricks which help you to save $15/year, which we talk about in just a few minutes.

Few things you must have to keep in your mind before buying any domain. There are several types of domains that are available in the market but we’ll talk about top domains type only.

  1. .Com Domains: These types of domains help you to grab customers globally 
  2. .in: helps you to target only Indian customers 
  3. .UK: helps you to target United Kingdom customers
  4. .org: usually used by non-profit organizations
  5. .edu: used by the education industry you simply can’t use them you need to verify your institute affiliation

I hope Above information will help you to choose a proper domain for your blog, You can take help from NameCheap  to find your domain name availability 

Pickup the right Hosting

After Domain, Hosting is one of the Important things you needed for your blog or affiliate website. 

Web-Hosting is where you host your website and WordPress has to be installed. All your content, images, and videos are getting stored. Hosting helps your website to run 24/7

There are a lot of Hosting Companies available in the market, so before investing your money to buying any hosting a few points you must check-in your hosting service provider.

I highly recommend  BlueHost for this. Bluehost will also help you to save your $15 which you invest in buying a domain. 

• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Unlimited Storage 
• Free SSL certification (Highly recommended) 
• Free Domain (Save your $15)
• 24/7 Support
• Easy of use cPanel 

If you haven’t gone through the Above article BlueHost Review you may also quickly check the below plans offered by BlueHost. I highly recommend going with Plus Plan for beginners.

Configure Your Website

Once you choose your Hosting provider the next thing is to set up your WordPress, However, Bluehost will install WordPress for you automatically. 

Once, you complete WordPress Installation the next thing you need to set up your WordPress with a few essential settings.

• You May Also Check my complete article on How to setup WordPress for Beginners. 

Design Your Website

Great Job Done 👌! So, till now we’ve completed How to choose Niche, How to Select Domain & Hosting for our Website, now the next topic is how to design our website. 

Website designing is one of my favorite parts of the whole website creation process.

Of ranking your site and user-friendly blog, it’s very crucial to design your website in a correct manner. 

If your WordPress website isn’t properly optimized then it’s quite difficult to rank your website on google and popular among users.

The problem you face with the designing part is optimizing them on each platform eg Phones, Laptop and Tablet are quite difficult.

To resolve all these things you need a theme which helps your website look user friendly and secure for your user to navigate on your whole website. 

In 2021 there are numbers of Themes available in the market but few of them are quite impressive among all. 

Few of the Themes I recommend you to go with as a beginner which gives your website to look professional.

Astra Theme: one of my personal favorite themes for WordPress is Astra, If you are looking for a lightweight theme then Astra is one of the best Theme for you. Astra has readymade templates which you can use for your blog or affiliate website where you don’t have to optimize each and everything 

GeneratePress Theme:GeneratePress is number one trending theme of 2021 and more than 600k till the date customer has bought this theme.

You can understand the popularity of this theme, This theme will give a lot of readymade templates from which you can choose and use it for your website.

Which saves the time and effort to customize your website and gives your website a professional look. Check out the complete review of GeneratePress Theme.

Plugins Setup

Once You’re done with the Theme next thing is to Install the Plugins to your blog or website. There are a lot of Plugins available in the market but among all few Plugins are highly critical.    

• Yoast Plugin 
• Elementor 
• Contact Form
• Mailchimp

All Done, 👍 If you’ve followed all the above steps then Bank on your website is now ready to publish, few last things you must need to put at your Blog or website. 

Few Important Pages

• About page: where you have to put your website details 
• Contact page: A page with a contact form. You can capture customer details like Email Id.
• Privacy policy page
• Disclaimer page
• Disclosure page
• Terms and conditions

Promote your Blog on Social media platform

Once All done now the time is to Promote your Blog or Website on Social media you need to create Social media pages.

Start with the Facebook page as Nowadays Facebook is one of the most popular platforms to share your thoughts with the Customer.

You can Also Create a dedicated Facebook page or group on the name of your blog or website where you can invite your friends, Colleagues and family members.

After Facebook Next Social media platform is Instagram, You may also create your profile on Instagram with the name of your blog or Affiliate website and promote them as well. 

Like Facebook and Instagram you may also target Twitter, tinder, and many more but Facebook, Instagram are two giants of social media marketing after YouTube.

You can also use WordPress Plugin Social Snap to increase your sharing on social platforms.

Earning with Learning

Once you publish your post on your website next thing to start focusing on the earning, You may start earning with Affiliate marketing.

Where you need to promote 3rd party products on your website and you’ll get the commission for that. Few Affiliate programs you may join are:

1. Amazon Affiliate
2. ClickBank
3. JvZoo
4. Digistore24

You all may also Apply for Google Adsense, Media.net, Sponsorship from a local vendor or you can also promote your own product.

That all for this article, I tried my level best to keep things easy and simple for all of you, if You like this article, please share it with your friends. 

If in case you have any doubt or any query please comment below I’ll definitely help you all with your doubts.

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