How to Install WordPress Plugin for Beginner's

February 2021      Alok Gautam

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. This article is all about, How to Install WordPress Plugins for Beginners. This article helps you step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin for Beginners.

Before you drive into this post, I recommend You all to go through our whole list of WordPress Guide where we covered the Below Topics 👇

I hope you’ve gone through the whole article of WordPress Guide. Now let’s get started with our today’s post which is all about how to install WordPress Plugins. Basically there are 2 popular ways to install WordPress Plugins.  

1. You can search the Plugin and Install them
2. You can manually download the File and Upload them manually.

There’s a 3rd Way also available which is Through the FTP method but in 2020 rarely bloggers are using that. FileZilla is one of the famous software through which we can perform this task.

Search and Install

How to Install WordPress Plugin

Installing Plugins for your WordPress is quit a simple task

To install new plugins, you need to click on Plugins which is available left side of your WordPress dashboard and Under Plugin option, You need to click on Add New option as you can see in the above picture.

How to Install WordPress Plugin

At this step you need to simply click on Add New option to search for a Plugin for your WordPress.

How to Install WordPress Plugin

Here at the Keyword option, you need to mention your Plugin name which you want to install, and once you search for your keyword simply Click on Install now Button, It’ll get downloaded for you.

It Looks the Same As Shown in Below Picture while you clicked on Install now button After your Plugin got installed in the next step you need to Activate them.

How to Install WordPress Plugin

Upload your Plugin

Upload File Plugin is also Simple, In case you are downloading files from some another website and want to install the plugins on your website.

Simply browse the zip file by clicking on choose files and once you select the file simply upload the plugin. In the below picture, you’ll check the options.

How to Install WordPress Plugin

This method isn’t used that much however you can try it in case you are getting an error while uploading ay Plugins by another 2 processes. In this method, you can simply unzip the file and upload it to your WordPress with the help of FileZilla.

How to Install WordPress Plugin

All the above three methods, you can use to upload your plugin on WordPress.Personally, if you ask me I preferred the first method among all, and as a beginner I recommend you all to go with the first method.

If you are facing any issue uploading any plugin please let me know, happy to help you all. If you find this article helpful please share it with your friends.

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