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How To Buy Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name

Hello everyone, Today in this article we’ll talk about how to buy web hosting with a Free Domain name in 2021.

Most are doing this mistake to buy a Domain and Hosting for their WordPress separately.

Just Imagine for one single Domain you are paying almost $5, and for renewing them again after a year you have to pay $7 to $8. Is it really needed? 

The answer is no. Most newbies are doing the same mistake which should be avoided. 

Now, the second thing is Hosting, A good Hosting is the priority you need to focus on. Let me explain to you all with a simple example, almost all of you are using a Laptop or a desktop in your daily life 

Just imagine if you powered on a Laptop or a Desktop and it takes a long time to boot and once it’s boots up then to open a single tool or file if it is taking 4 to 5 minutes, How do you Feel?

Yes, You’re correct you will Shutdown the system. This is the same scenario when a User came to your website and your page loading time is much slower they simply exit from your Website.

So, my suggestion to all of you to pick a Hosting service wisely which is more reliable, faster, and the most important thing is their server should be secured. 

I had already covered step by step process of how to set up your WordPress Site  So, If you have not yet gone through that I recommend you check that article for more clarity.

The next step is to rectify the best Web Hosting service provider in the market which is a more reliable, trustworthy, and dependable platform to host your website. 

There are a few web hosting providers in the market which is more reliable and gives the best Web Hosting eg: NameCheap, CloudWays, HostGator and InterServer.Net But my Personal Favorite is BlueHost.

Bluehost is also a recommended Web hosting service provider by WordPress.I have already Covered a Complete Review on Bluehost so you can also check that 👉 Complete Bluehost Review.

Bluehost not only gives a reliable Hosting but also offers a Free Domain which will save you some amount. 

Added to that Bluehost offers a free SSL certificate which is very much important to get Rank on google and create the trust of your customers. 

The dashboard of BlueHost is also simple to work on especially for those who aren’t developers or have coding backgrounds.

How to Buy a Web Hosting Step-By-Step Guide

Let Me Help You all, how you can by a free Domain with Bluehost Hosting provider.

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Choose Your Hosting Plan

First, check out all the Plans and choose as per your requirements, As a Newbie I recommend you to go with the PLUS plan, Which comes with unlimited Domains, Free SSL certifications, and Unmetered Bandwidth.

Bluehost reviews

Choose Your Free Domain

choose your free domain_digital-Alok

At this step, You need to choose your Domain Name for your blog site. If you don’t have any domain you can go with creating a new Domain, If you have already a Domain simply go with Use a Domain you Own.

If you haven’t yet decided your blog name simply I’ll create my domain later and proceed for the next once you decided with your domain name you only need to mail BlueHost support team they’ll help you for that 

If you have an existing Domain then you need to change the name server which is given by the BlueHost under your Domain provider dashboard. 

Provide Account Details

How To Buy Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name

In this section, you need to fill all of your details eg: name, phone number, and email id, Please provide all your details carefully especially your email id as all your login details will be sent on your email id only.

Choose Your package as per your requirement

How To Buy Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name

This is one of the Important sections among all where you need to choose your package, As I already mentioned as a beginner my suggestion is to go with the PLUS package. 

Be sure to untick Codeguard Basic. SiteLock Security Essential and Domain Privacy (Optional).

How To Buy Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name

Simply put your card details and checkbox Bluehost Terms of service and proceed for the Next. Don’t be tensed in case if you don’t have a Credit card you can also pay through PayPal by simply clicking on more payment options.

Create your own password

How To Buy Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name

Once your payment is completed simply confirm your hosting package and the next step is to create your login password for your Dashboard.

How To Buy Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name

Login to your Dashboard

How To Buy Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name

Once you’re done with your password check your email as needed from your email id.

Simply go to www.bluehost.com and in the right side corner, you’ll get the login section just click on that and enter your domain/email with your password to login to your dashboard.

Finally You're On Your BlueHost Dashboard from Where You Can Launch Your WordPress
Bluehost reviews

Congratulations! All Done, You have successfully done with your hosting purchase with a free domain and that’s without paying any extra amount for your Domain. 

In the  next article, You’ll see the complete tutorial on Below topics:

• How to Install WordPress on Bluehost
• Essential Settings After Installing WordPress

I hope this article helped you all, in case anyone of you have any doubt or query please let me know. If you find this content helpful please do share it with your friends also.

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