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Blue Host





• Best Quality Server
• SSD Storage
• WordPress Panel
• Free SSL Certificate
• Free Domains


• Support care isn’t up to the mark

In this article, we’ll review BlueHost Web Hosting Services. In this article we’ll talk about all about Bluehost reviews, its pros, and cons, it’s pricing compression, and why to buy Bluehost hosting in 2020.

In 2020 where almost each Web hosting company is claiming for there best services most of us got confused Which is Web Hosting worth it to buy in 2020?

If I speak frankly, then each of the Web Hosting companies has its own pros & Cons. I mostly use Web Hosting to deal with my WordPress Site is Bluehost. Bluehost web hosting is one of the Best Web Hosting Companies among all and because of its Best Server speed and Pocket-Friendly Budget it’s much more popular among Web Designer & Developers.

In this article where we are talking about all about Bluehost reviews, we’ll Review all its Pros & Cons along with all bluehost hosting Plans and their Features. So Without Wasting much time let get start.  

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Being an affiliate marketer, I know that some of the things we look for in a web hosting service are:

Reliability: one of the Important things in Web Hosting is reliability of keeping your site always running
Affordability: For all new Bloggers & Affiliate marketer Budget is one of the Important things we are looking for.
Support: we need someone when we stuck with some issues while hosting or configuration our site.
Server: which plays an important role because the server is one of the key factors which finds your Site speed.

Lets first talk about the Bluehost hosting plans  offers. So, basically Bluehost hosting plans offers three packages which include Shared hosting, VPS hosting & Dedicated Hosting. So, If you are a newbie blogger or affiliate marketer then Shared bluehost hosting plans is one of the best choices for all of you. Shared bluehost hosting plans also comes with three Different packages which you can choose as per your need.

These are a few basic parameters that I personally measure while buying Web hosting:

• Ease of Installation & Navigation (of c-Pannel)
• Budget-friendly
• Disk Space
• Well optimized for WordPress
• Number of Websites you can use
• Customer Support

Is Bluehost web hosting worth it for WordPress?

Bluehost reviews

Why Bluehost web hosting?

Bluehost is easy to install which allows you to launch your server in less than five minutes! If you need any help with how to Install WordPress on Bluehost you can also read my article.

• If we talk about Bluehost server so they’re very well optimized for WordPress and as all of us Know WordPress  used by 70% people to create a Website and that’s the reason BlueHost is the one mostly used and recommended hosting company by the experts. WordPress’ official page also recommends these hosting services as you can see in the above screenshot. 

• One of my favorite features of Bluehost in-built caching system which helps you to clear the cache of your WordPress site in a single click, Which means you don’t need any 3rd party caching plugin to clear the cache of your website.

• BlueHost also comes with built-in CloudFlare which doesn’t only boost your website speed but also protect your server from malicious bots and attack.

One Click Free SSL Certificate Installation

Bluehost web hosting has lots of great features but one of my Favorite features is its Free SSL certificate, It’s not only free but also simple to install on your website especially for new bloggers. If someone is using Bluehost web hosting for 1st time in that scenario Bluehost will automatically install & configure the SSL certificate.

As all of us know how much SSL certificate is important for your site not only to build trust with your readers but also regarding Rank your website on Google. Google is also very strict about security factors and as per their guidelines, SSL is one of the factors which will help your article to rank.

Bluehost reviews

Bluehost pricing

Bluehost reviews

All of the Above is the Bluehost hosting plans which you can go with as per your needs. But If you are a beginner and want to start your career as a blogger then I personally recommend you to go with bluehost plus hosting.

Basic Difference in bluehost plus hosting &  bluehost choice hosting is domain privacy which means it won’t show your contact information from the public on who is listing, Which I personally think you haven’t bothered about as a newbie. But, if you need it, you may also upgrade your plan as a Choice plus.

With the above link, you’ll get Bluehost hosting as low as “$5.95” if you go with three years of the plan. Added to that you’ll get a free Domain which costs almost $2, Which means you’ll save a few extra amounts.

These are the bluehost hosting plans offered by BlueHost:

• 12 months
• 24 months
• 36 months
• 60 months

Only the problem is with BlueHost it doesn’t have any Monthly payout options, which is absolutely fine if you are planning to become a long term blogger. But, some of the hosting companies are in the market which offers Monthly payout eg: Cloudways, but the problem with them are they’re little bit heavy in the budget.

Working with Bluehost cPanel?

Let’s Check out the Bluehost Dashboard. So, Bluehost is one of the easiest dashboards I have ever used, especially from 2020 they configure almost all usable things on their Dashboard so you don’t have to go deeper into bluehost Cpanel to change all of the settings, which helps to those who don’t have any programming background.

Below are a few Screen-Short how does Bluehost dashboard look like:

Bluehost reviews
Bluehost reviews
Bluehost reviews

Bluehost Support Team ?

As I have already Highlighted it as one of the Cons only I faced in these many years and that’s there Customer support team, I’ve rated their Customer support four out of 5. 

The average support time for the resolution of your query is almost 30 to 45 minutes. You can contact bluehost support through telephone, email, or via chat.

But, Bluehost is one of the best hosting companies nowadays and almost 40% of customers are using them and according to an article, it’s having a very less issue with their server in the past 10 years.

Bluehost also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Which means in case you aren’t satisfied with bluehost web hosting services in that scenario you can cancel your membership with Bluehost within 30 days of the time you want and that’s without explaining the whole of your stories to them.

I hope, This article on bluehost reviews will help you to choose a reliable server for your website, please do share your experience with BlueHost if you use them for your server. Also, please support us by sharing these articles if you think this article helps you.

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