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One of the most important things for a blogger or any website developer is to choose the best WordPress themes to design their website. 

I still remember when i’ve started my career as a blogger I’m very much confused among all WordPress themes which are available at that time in the market.

There are a lot of questions going on in our mind when we start searching for WordPress Themes but 3 major questions which i’ve asked myself before investing my hard earned money are:

  1. Is this WordPress theme is SEO optimized Theme.?
  2. Is this WordPress theme is Easily customizable as i have no idea of cording.?
  3. Is this WordPress theme Budget friendly.?

I also suggest you to ask yourself a few questions as per your need before diving to buy any of the WordPress Themes.

In our article of best WordPress themes in 2020 we’ll explore the top 6 best WordPress themes on their popularity basis, price basis, user rating basis and most Important is the theme SEO optimized.

Most of the WordPress themes are having their free versions which are available on WordPress and you can buy them without paying anything only the drawback  is you can’t get more customizable options which you’ll get in the Paid version, However the choice is yours.

So, without delay let’s get started…

Best WordPress Themes

So, before we dive into our topic of best wordpress themes for bloggers one thing you all must have to know almost of all these themes are having free versions which you definitely use for your blog.

I always recommend all to go with a premium theme without compromising their blog quality. If you paid for something definitely you’ll get a better service in comparison to free.

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Parameters to choose a WordPress Themes?

• Easy to customize
• Responsive Theme
• SEO optimized Theme
• Price of theme
• Inbuilt setting option
• WordPress Compatibility
• Customer Support
• Regular updates

Landing Pages for WordPress

List of top 10 Best WordPress Themes

Best WordPress Themes :

Above are the list of all we’ll talk about in our article, Most of them are wordpress premium themes and few are Free WordPress themes.Let’s dive into our 1st Theme.

1. GeneratePress Themes

Best WordPress Theme

GeneratePress is one of most popular premium wordpress themes among bloggers and one of my personal them as well. I always suggest newbie bloggers to use GeneratePress theme to start their blogging career.

It doesn’t matter if your website is on any niche either it’ll be a health related niche, eCommerce related etc,you’ll easily customize your blog with GeneratePress. 

GeneratePress Features

• Lightweight: GeneratePress is one of the lightweight WordPress themes of all time which helps your website to load faster and increase your website speed.

• Easy Customization: Theme offers 25 Sites Library which helps you to design  your blog with ease by using any 3rd part page builder. One I’m using is Elementor but you can use as per your need.

• Free Version:GeneratePress also offers free wordpress themes so in case your budget not allows you to go with wordpress premium themes then you definitely use its free version.

• Budget Friendly: GeneratePress premium themes are available at $49.95  with 30 days Money back guaranteed.

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2. Porto Themes

Best WordPress Themes

Porto themes are one of the best wordpress premium themes among professional bloggers and newbies bloggers because of their huge variety of options and settings while customization.

Porto themes are one of the best premium e-commerce themes in 2020. If you are looking to build an e-commerce website then  you use this theme. This WordPress theme has a giant library of variations of layouts. 

Porto Features

• Easy to optimize: This WordPress theme are super easy to Install, with there css 3 technologies you can easily select your niche base animation and use them on your posts or pages.

• SEO Friendly: Porto themes gives well optimized speed on low servers also, It increases loading speed for your website and makes your website SEO friendly. If you are using shared Hosting then this theme is one of the best wordpress blog themes for you.

• FREE Woocommerce and WPBakery page Builder: Yes, You heard it right these themes offered free WPBakery page builder worth of $69 which is available in codecanyon stores and not only that you can use all features of Woocommerce as well.

3. Thrive Themes

Best WordPress Themes

Thrive themes is one of the best emerging wordpress themes of 2020. Thrive has multiple built in themes which you can implement directly to your blogs

3 major themes which i personally like are Rise WordPress Blogging Theme, Squared Business WordPress Theme, and Pressive themes.

Thrive Features

SEO optimize: It has Build-in Structure Schema markup which makes your WordPress website SEO friendly added to that Thrive them is almost compatible all of the Plugins which are available in the market.

• Best for Affiliate Marketers: If you are an affiliate marketer then this theme is one of the life savior theme for you as after purchase this theme you don’t have to invest your money  on other Plugins.

Hidden features: Thrive themes offers almost 220 fill-in templates which are easy in customization.

4. RT-Theme 19

Best WordPress Themes

RT-Theme 19  is a multi-purpose WordPress theme which gives you a variety of website designing options, No matter what niche you are in you can easily customize your website with RT-19 theme.

RT-Theme 19 supports WPML plugin which means if you have a website where you are targeting multiple countries then trust me this Theme is a game changer for you as it gives your users to change the language which they’re comfortable with.

Added to that you can use  RTL (right to Left) Plugins also which means if your user is from a place where they preferred to read from right to left (Mostly Arabic language) then you can use this theme to target those customers.

RT-Theme 19 Features

• Multiple options: RT theme gives you 38 custom modules for the builder you can easily use tabular content so if you have a website eg Amazon Affiliate it’ll give you an ease to create pricing tables which boosts your sale.

• E-Commerce friendly: Theme Supports WooCommerce, you can easily create google maps with multiple locations and one of the best parts is it’s Self-Hosted Video & Audio support for blog. With 42 useful shortcut eg pricing, table, and carousel  and many more which increase your page friendliness with your user.

• Support: They have a dedicated team available for you in case you have any query or you require any help or support regarding your theme.

5. Astra Themes

Best WordPress themes

Astra Theme One of the most popular themes among the website developers not only because of its lightweight but also because it has a lot of templates available on their library.

If you are a Complete Beginner in Blogging and don’t have a budget to buy any premium theme which is completely ok as a beginner, then Astra Theme is one of the best themes for you to start your blog.

Astra Theme doesn’t require any coding Knowledge to customize your blog design which is again a plus point for non-coder like me, simple drag and drop to design your blog.

Astra Theme Features

• Ease of design: Astra Theme will give to complete access to designing, you can easily customize your design by changing colors & Typography.

• Easy layout setting: This Theme will give you the option to manage layout of the website containing r eg: header, blog, archives, single pages, posts, sidebar & footer.

• Pricing: Astra offers you their free version theme as well as you can download their premium version, Astra Starting Price is of $47/yr (Astra Pro) and if you need for life time then you need to pay $249.

Highlight: 14 days Money Back Guarantee. 

Best WordPress Themes

6. Electro Theme

Best WordPress Themes

Electro Themes is of the best eCommerce themes for the people who are looking to create their own  eCommerce website like amazon (Mini version). 

If you have multiple products to sell on your website and you are looking for a theme for your website then Electro theme is of the best Theme for you all.

Electro Theme Features

• Multiple customization options: Electro theme will offer you many customization options, they offer you 5 different home page look along with 6 pre-defined header with 11 pre-build pages which means you only have to import the page and change the dummy products with your product Easy and Simple.

• Additional Feature: added to the above line Electro theme has Build in Bootstrap 4 which helps you to customize your website as per your requirement without any coding skill.

Electro theme gives you additional features like WPML Compatibility and Youtube like page loader which gives your website a professional look.

• E-Commerce friendly: As i already said you Electro theme is one of the best theme for eCommerce which supports woocommerce and gives you few additional features like advance product search, advance specification tab along with advance review tab.

Hidden Feature: if you want to create a Comparison website then it’ll allow you to do the same. You can also create multiple catalogs for a single product.

All the above are best WordPress themes in 202 either you are looking for a best WordPress themes for your blogs or if you are a beginner and start to build a SEO optimized blog with eye catching them then you may go with them.

If you still have confusion or you are looking for a specific theme niche based on theme the,i suggest you  go with ThemeForest site because they have a lot of themes available on their website with all range of budget.

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