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We always heard “Content is king” but what makes a content king, the answer is an error free content in terms of spelling, plagiarism and Grammar mistakes. 

Error free content not only helps to improve your blog authority but also always plays an important role in ranking your website.

For a non english speaker it’s a tough task to create content in english and that’s without any spelling and grammar mistakes.

Websites like grammarly or you can say Tools like grammarly makes your life easier where tool will guide you to remove the spelling and grammatically error from your articles.

There are a lot of tools  available in the market which help to remove spelling and grammatically error but Grammarly is one of the Top brands among all.

Grammarly offers a free version and a paid version where free version came with less functionality obviously you can’t expect much in free where a paid version offers multiple things.

Grammarly premium version offers numerous spelling and grammar errors, terms, clarity of a sentence, writing styles, suggestions for vocabulary enrichment, find punctuation errors, and the most important thing Plagiarism.

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Top 5 Grammarly alternatives in 2021?

So, whatever reason you have either it’s related to pricing or quality we’ve listed Top 5 Best Grammarly Alternatives which you can use to improve your content quality, a few of them are free alternatives to grammarly premium.

1. ProWritingAid

At Top of our list of best grammarly alternatives at first we have ProWritingAid, ProWritingAid is one of the best grammarly alternative especially if pricing is your concern.

Grammarly alternatives

You can Install ProWritingAid  extension as well as incorporate it in your browsers which helps you to analyze the error in your text while writing and helps you to improve the quality of your content.

Like Grammarly ProWritingAid also offers three major styles of writing, Academic writing, Business writing, and Generic writing. So, you can choose according to your requirements.

You can use ProWritingAid on various applications like Facebook, twitter, blogs, google docs, and many more, added to that ProWritingAid offers API key which helps the developer to integrate it with their app.

How to use ProWritingAid?

After Installing ProWritingAid extension there’s a small icon that will appear wherever you are in text editor of any website to use ProWritingAid simply hover your mouse on it and select the option you want to check.

If you don’t want to use extension simply visit ProWritingAid official website and click Sign up button to register and start using it.

Why ProWritingAid is one of the best grammarly alternatives?

Like Grammarly ProWriting offers 20 types of test on your text which includes grammar correction, pronouns of words, perfect sentence structure & length, transition, vague words and many more.

One of the best features you’ll get in ProWritingAid is overuse function which restricts to use a single word multiple times on your article which makes your content unique and clear for your readers.

ProWritingAid offers 14 days of money back without any questions so if you aren’t satisfied with their services you can withdraw your subscriptions in these days.

ProWritingAid Offers 3 tires of plans which include Monthly, Annually, and Lifetime basis but the catch is all plans came without Plagiarism offers so if you want to use Plagiarism premium version you have to add it manually.

Installation of ProWritingAid extension?

Step 1: Search ProWritingAid extension for chrome

Grammarly alternatives

Step 2: Select ProWritingAid extension for chrome

Grammarly alternatives

Step 3: Install ProWritingAid extension

Grammarly alternative

2. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is also one of the best or you can say suitable grammarly alternatives which offers a dozen features and content updates.

WhiteSmoke helps you to recognize the error of spellings, punctuation, writing style suggestion, grammar and also have the plagiarism feature.

Grammarly alternatives

You can use WhiteSmoke on almost every device either you have a Mac, Windows, or Android.

Statistical Machine Translation platform of WhiteSmoke gives your content a uniqueness and helps to improve your content quality.

NLP(Natural Language Processing) feature provides summarization of your document, machine translation, detection of spam, autocomplete, predictive typing, and so on.

When you write an article by using WhiteSmoke that article is checked with 16 various areas of the sentence such as plagiarism, punctuation, grammar mistakes and many more.

The tool helps you to understand the reason for the incorrect word or sentence with an example along with that they also suggest synonyms word which you can replace with your existing words.

WhiteSmoke comes preloaded  with 50 Languages so if you have a website where you publish content in multi language then this software is worth your money.

One of the best features of WhiteSmoke as they offer a lot of video tutorials which gives an ease to use this software.

Installation of WhiteSmoke extension?

Step 1: Search WhiteSmoke extension for chrome

Grammarly alternatives

Step 2: Select WhitSmoke extension for chrome

Grammarly alternatives

Step 3: Install WhiteSmoke extension

3. Ginger

If you are searching for grammarly alternatives on the web then definitely you came across to this software name as Ginger, 

Ginger is again another best grammarly alternative which runs on all platforms either it’s Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari, and Mac.

Grammarly alternatives

You can use Ginger Software to write error free content by simply clicking on editing box like WordPress or you can simply copy your text and paste on Ginger site directly.

Ginger software will easily detect errors by hovering the mouse on the error and it’ll suggest you the corrections which requires you to improve your content.

Ginger software offers to choose among 60 languages to translate your text. Moreover, they help your text to rephrase and correct the range of writing errors.

You can use Ginger software on any platform like Desktop, Microsoft Office, Chrome, Safari, Android, and iOS.

Plagiarism option helps you to detect duplicate content which keeps your content Plagiarism free and protect your website from penalty.

Ginger Software offers free and premium version obviously free version came with basic features where premium version offers multiple features.

If you are looking for grammarly alternatives then you must try their chrome extension  instead of trying out their website the reason is their website analyzes limited words only.

Ginger vs grammarly in comparison of pricing?

Grammarly offers yearly plans worth $11.66/month while Ginger costs $7.49/month, remember this price is only valid on annual payment which means if you pay 1 year of amount at a time then only you’ll get this price.


PaperRater is another one of the best grammarly alternatives which offers many editing options like grammar & spelling mistakes and many more like other tools.

PaperRater works on algorithm named Grendel, only the issue is with this tool as it is not yet offers extension and desktop version.

Moreover their plagiarism checker will only show you the percentage of the plagiarism not the exact line which has plagiarism.

PaperRater offers features like Spelling & grammer checks, Plagiarism detections, gives feedback and writing instructions which includes passive voice detection, Readability statistics, Sentence length and variability, Phrases to avoid etc.

One of the best features of PaperRater is their Vocabulary builder, to use this feature, simply put a word in and they give you the exact meaning of that word along with various examples of sentences which give you ideas to create your content.

Their Automated scoring feature gives you the rating of your content and helps you to understand the quality of your content. 

You can use PaperRater as grammarly alternative but free version of PaperRater came with limited options moreover proofreader is little bit complex to use.

PaperRater vs grammarly in comparison of pricing?

In compression of  Grammarly PaperRater offers low pricing subscription where All you know Grammarly has $11.66/month plans on annual billed subscription PaperRater came with $11.21/mo where you pay on monthly basis or you can go with their yearly plan which came with $71.55/yr.

5. Hemingway App

Hemingway App is completely different from Grammarly where Grammarly focused on writing styles with error deduction and also offers plagiarism checker where in other hand Hemingway App completely focused on improving your content structure and helping you to make your content better for the users.

Moreover one big difference between Grammarly vs Hemingway App  is that Hemingway App will allow you to insert a hyperlink to your content where Grammarly doesn’t have such features.

Hemingway App highlights the phases with different colors when you paste your content. Tool gives you the output which sentence is hard to read along with the suggestion how to improve it. 

Moreover tool also highlight the sentence if it sounds a passive voice along with multiple other features like headings, bold, italic, bullets, and inserting the hyperlinks, etc.

Like PaperRater Hemingway App also gives readability score to your article which improves your content quality.

To use Hemingway App you don’t require any internet connection like you require for other softwares added to that you can publish your articles directly on WordPress or on Web.

The best way to use Hemingway App is to use this software with Grammarly where Grammarly gives you  grammatical errors free content and Hemingway App delivers easy to read to your readers.

I completely agree with what you’re concerned about as both tools will cost you high but trust me the content quality which you get will pay you back much more than your investment but you’re your own boss so go as per your thinking.

Talking about Hemingway App Pricing so to buy their desktop version you have to pay $19.99 and you can use it on any of the platforms either you have Mac or Windows.


According to the experts grammarly is one of the most used tools by the content writers and we also suggest going with it, However if you’re still searching for the best alternatives to grammarly then  ProWritingAid is one of the best and promising tools for you.

If you come across a tool which is the best Grammarly alternative and be in our list then please let us know in comment section.

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