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Google AdSense is one of the best platforms for monetizing your blog and start generating a passive income, but the problem arises at a time for getting google AdSense approval especially if you are a newbie blogger and your blog is new with low traffic. 

It’s quite obvious that everyone wants to monetize their blog by google AdSense not only because they offer high returning but also because they’re one of the trusted platforms to generate passive income.

If you are a publisher and want to monetize your blog  but not getting Google AdSense approval or google AdSense bans your account then it’s time to  go with some Google AdSense Alternative programs.

It’s better to have anything then nothing.

Google AdSense Alternatives

Today in this article we'll talk about Top 6 AdSense Alternatives which you can use to monetize your new blog and added that it's easy to take approval in comparison to google AdSense as well.

1. Media.Net

Google AdSense Alternatives

At our list of Top 6 Best Google AdSense Alternatives at top we have media.net, I still remember when I started my blogging career at first attempt Google  AdSense rejected my blog and at that time I got to know about one of the best google adsense alternatives or you can say one of the top adsense competitors. 

One of the most promising things which I found with media. Net is that they offer Contextual Ads along with non-Contextual ads.

Media. Net offers Video ads, Display Ads, contextual ads, and Native Ads. So, It Doesn’t matter in which niche you are working with they have all formats of advertisements which help you to monetize your blog.

Minimum payout of Media. Net is $100

2. Amazon Display Ads

Google AdSense Alternatives

Yes, You heard it right, Similar to Amazon Associate amazon also offers their Display ads. If you aren’t getting approval of Google AdSense then you can surely go with Amazon display ads platform which is one of my favorite Google AdSense Alternatives.

In the year 2019 amazon display ads are very much popular among bloggers later they started to promote amazon products.

Amazon display ads proved a good amount of CPM (cost per 1000 impression) especially if you have a good amount of traffic source from US or UK.

They offer you Display ads, Video ads, and DSP (demand side platform) ads.

3. Propeller Ads

Google AdSense Alternatives

Propeller Ads is again one of the best adsense alternatives added to that their technology is also ahead of  the top adsense competitors.

Propeller Ads offers push notification ads type, onclick ads, In-Page Push ads platform with Native interstitials ads type.

There minimum payout threshold is also low which is $25 only and you can use your PayPal account, Payoneer account, Payments account, and wire transfer to withdrawal your income.

So, if you haven’t got approval from google AdSense then you may go with this as one of the best adsense alternatives.


Google AdSense Alternatives

Setupad is again one of the best alternatives to google adsense. Setupad having one of the best technology where they  connect the publisher with more than 10 buyers which includes Google which helps to generate more revenue for a single ads.

Talking about there ads types. So they offer Responsive Ads, Sticky or Anchor Ads for desktop, Video and Native Ads for your desktop and mobile. Not only that they also help you with the maximum ad placement dimensions.

So Again Setupad is once again one of the best Google AdSense Alternatives if your site is yet not got Google AdSense approval.

Their minimum payout is of €100, which you can withdraw after 60 days as first time user and later in 30 days.

5. Adversal

Google AdSense Alternatives

Adversal is also one of the best Google AdSense Alternatives but compared to other ads i didn’t find it more attractive, however they also help you to monetize your website.

Their minimum payout is $20 which you can withdrawal after 35 days.

6. Skimlinks

Google AdSense Alternatives

So, at last on our list of Top 6 Google AdSense Alternatives we have Skimlinks. Skimlinks basically converts your outbound links to affiliate links. 

The main reason for their popularity is they won’t pay for any impression but they pay you the commission for the sales which links with affiliate.

There tools like Editor toolbar, Link wrapper, and AMP will help to create more revenue opportunities, so you can use it as adsense alternatives

Conclusion of Google AdSense Alternatives

I’ve chosen top 6 Google AdSense Alternatives on a few of  many others, as per their performance basis, i’ll try to figure out a few more in future. So, if you have a website which does yet not monetize by google adsense then you must try with these platforms.

Some of these AdSense Alternatives will help you to generate more revenue than Google Adsense and a few of them you may be able to use along with Google AdSense, the only thing is to do some reverse engineer to generate more revenue.

I Hope you enjoy the article. If yes, then please do share the article with your friends which also help to grow my business and boost my confidence to publish such article in future.

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      There are a lot of free and paid options are available to drive traffic to your website.
      In Free traffic resources you can use Quora, Forums, Facebook groups
      For Paid you can use FB ads, Google Ads.


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